Due to the pandemic, we have seen a significant rise in puppy ownership over the last 12 months. This boom has unfortunately meant that we have been restricted in terms of face-to-face appointments and haven’t been able to see both you and your new puppy in the way we usually would. Even if (for now!) we can’t see you in person, we wanted to continue offering you the best advice, guidance and tips we would have given in the surgery, so we have put together the ultimate puppy guide, which we hope will help you prepare for each stage of your new adventure together!

Download your FREE ultimate puppy guide today to discover everything you need to know about becoming a new puppy parent! Get all the leading advice, tips, and tricks from our experienced vets on having a new puppy, including:

  • All the things you need to think about before getting your pup such as, where you should get your puppy from.
  • How to prepare for the first 24 hours of bringing your puppy to their new home
  • Tips on managing your puppy’s health, behaviour and hygiene
  • All the benefits of joining our Puppy VIP Healthcare plan
  • And so much more!

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Put together by Head Vet, Dane Walker

This Guide has been put together by Dane Walker- MA VetMB GPCert(SAS) MRCVS, one of our senior vets Dane has over 20 years of experience looking after countless puppies as a vet.