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Dog swallows toy

The very brave Jasper (shown below with his owner) swallowed a large dog toy. Remarkably, Jasper ate the toy whole. It remained in his stomach for 2 weeks before he was successfully operated on. To our surprise Jasper had kept happy in himself with only occasional vomiting.

Pictured here is another Labrador with the exact type of toy that Jasper swallowed whole.

Jasper is a lucky boy indeed as blockages can be very serious and often lead to death if not removed. With the help of our high resolution digital X-rays, ultrasound and vet Simone's surgical skills we were able to confirm the toy's location in his stomach and to remove it uneventfully.

Jasper has now gone on to make a full recovery. Hopefully, he will have learnt that toys are for playing and not for eating!

We urge all clients to check that their pet has not eaten any toys or foreign objects and if they are suspicious then bring them in for a check up. Our vets have come across pets that have swallowed needles, gloves, string, wire, numerous toys, apricot kernels, stones, bones and many other objects. So please keep an eye open for this and if you have any doubts then give us a call...

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