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Beware of grass seeds

We have seen lots of unpleasant cases regarding grass seeds during the summer so please beware. The grass awns can penetrate the feet and cause painful swellings. They can also go down the ear canals and even puncture the ear drum. Alternatively, they can go into the eye or vulva or prepuce!!

Bailey the Bichon shown here had two grass seeds removed from deep in his ear.

Sonny the brave little fella pictured had a grass seed removed from behind his eye!!


So please be careful and check feet and ears for grass awns after walking on long grass. Certain breeds are more commonly affected e.g. spaniels and dogs with long hair around their feet and ears. It is a wise precaution to keep the hair around feet and ears clipped short in order to try to prevent this troublesome problem.

Also, if you notice that your dog has a swelling around the feet or is shaking the head then come in to the surgery asap. The sooner they can be removed the better as they can travel up the legs or migrate around the body causing significant discomfort.

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