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2015 Perfect Pet Photo Competition

We are so excited to show you all our fantastic entries for our Perfect Pet Photo Competition, here we have our three wonderful winners and are all of our other fantastic entries.

1st Prize Maya        2nd Prize Snowball                                  3rd Prize Poda

Our 1st prize goes to the stunning Maya who wins a fantastic goodie bag full of lovely treats!

Our 2nd prize winner is the musical mistro Snowball, who can't resist a beautiful tune ot two on the piano...and also wins a wonderful goodie bag full of treats...

Our 3rd prize winner is the beautiful Poda, look at those magnificent eyes! She also wins a goodie bag full of scrumptious treats...

We will be contacting some of our other fabulous entries to take pride and place on our vaccination cards...

What do we think of this wonderful collection of photogenic furry friends we have?

Have a look at all of our fabulous perfect pet poses, and enjoy our gallery of fun!

Our 1st entry into the competitionis the stunning Sushi who clearly can't get enough of her colourful favourite blanket, who can blame her?

Our 2nd entry is Snowball (2nd prize winner), a musically talented boy who enjoys spending time accompanying his owner on the piano...jazz paws at the ready!

1/ Sushi                                                                                2/ Snowball (2nd Prize Winner)

Our third entry is Piccolo, he loves to climb trees because he's so full of adventure! Check out his fantastic climbing skills..

Our 4th entry is the very sweet Arya, who is enjoying a lovely snooze in her most comfy blanket, isn't she just adorable?

Our 5th entry is 7 year old Alfie who loves the great outdoors, isn't he a handsome chap?

Our 6th entry is the lovely Louie who likes to get back to nature and wear garlands of flowers in his fur!

3/ Piccolo                                        4/ Arya    

5/ Alfie                                            6/ Louie

Our 7th entry are the gorgeous boys Pippin and Merry, who love to have a play in the park!

7/ Pippin and Merry

Our 8th and 9th entries are Poda and Maya, these two absolute beauties, and with so much character too!

8/ & 9/ Poda and Maya (our 3rd and 1st Prize Winners)               10/ Maya and Hàgar

Our 10th entry is the charismatic duo Maya and Hägar, having a grand old time with one of their special walks..

Our 11th entry is Jerry the German Shepherd, looking incredibly handsome in this particular photo...

Our 12th entry is Kimi the super dog! We're loving a bit of the cape action, she's a definite hero in our eyes...

Our 13th entry is Jasper and Oscar the rescue brothers. Jasper is a chatter box while Oscar loves cuddles and sleep!

11/ Jerry                                        12/ Kimi

13/ Jasper and Oscar

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